Four Aces Towing & Recovering LLC

"Your Best Bet!"

24/7 Emergency Road Side Assistance & Prices:


Field Tire Truck Services


(Light/Medium/Heavy Duty Towing)

Four Aces Towing and Recovery has equipment to tow or transport your vehicle with the highest degree of safety. Our unit is able to tow a vast array of vehicles that include: automobiles, vans, motorcycles, tractor trailer of our personnel receive continuous training to familiarize themselves with the newest, safest, and most efficient towing procedures the industry has to offer.


Four Aces Towing and Recovery is a full service provider, ready 24/7 for all of your recovery needs. Our equipment include air cushions which can upright trailers quickly and keep cargo intact. Our equipment and personnel enable us to provide load shift and load transfer services that are above the rest.


We can help you the kind of scenarios that involve keys locked inside your car. There are really many categories of lock outs, none of this is ever any trouble for our professionals; you'll never have to worry, because we will always be braced to help you-with attentive and professionalism to unlocked you in your time of need, our FAST RESPONSE is 24/7 guarantee!When you're in vulnerable situation as being locked out of your car, always know to call the experts that can calm you down and open up your car, with no problems. Call us anytime, doesn't matter; it's never an intrusion on our locksmiths; we consider it our unfaltering duty to help out a customer when he or she cannot get into his or her car. Always depend on us to put an end to that nuisance of an automotive lock out - once and for all. So long as you didn't leave your phone inside your car, take a moment to call us up. We assure you that you're safe with our 24/7 service; get you in your car and on the road to wherever you're going.

                                                             But first, you need to call us! 


Stephanie Pearson-Owner/Bookkeeper

Cell (701) 260-5145

Ed Ledesma- Full Time Driver

Cell (701) 290-0066

351 2nd Street NW

Killdeer, ND 58640

Home (701) 764-7190


Our Costs for Emergency Services:

~$110 Per Hour: (Costs may range depending on location for any and all services beyond basic service)

~$3.50 Base in route rate (Costs may range depending on size of vehicle)

~$60.00 Lock out services + $3.50 per mile

~$60.00 Jump Start + $3.50 per mile

~$60.00 Gas delivery $3.50 per mile + Cost of fuel/gas

(All prices range depending on location to and from, time and service need)

Any questions on our prices please contact:

Ed Ledesma (701) 290-0066

              Killdeer emergency services is an essential service in a community. Our 24 hour driver that waits on-call for anyone in distress or an accident in the community. Whether you’re a commuter, night shifter, farmer/rancher, or just driving down the road or field our emergency services is actually your friend. But we at Four Aces Towing are there for you day and night and having a company like us that promises you a fast response time, and live up to that promise, that’s something you can’t trade. Four Aces Towing company that’s got your back day or night. We’ve set ourselves apart from other towing companies in the area and provide specific and informed direction. We have reasonable prices compare to other towing companies in our area.

           Every driver knows how it is to be stuck in a parking lot with car lockout, or to come back to your car only to discover you left the lights on, or in the field with a flat tire and needing to get your crops ready. We want to give people options, and choices, verses having no choice but to call Dickinson with a huge wait time and being overpriced (because of lack of options) call us because there is now a company in town that is eager to meet your needs. Killdeer is a great place to live, but mostly because of the fact that all the roadside assistance services you need are made available to. We want to enhance our services even more and be ready and equipped with tools that make us quick responders to North Dakota drivers in need of a little help rather than emergency towing. Don’t just leave it to fate, when you get in an accident and need emergency towing make sure that you know who’s going to come to your aid.